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The Arborist Site Plan documents the location, species, drip line, and trunk diameter of the trees on the property. As a general rule, only the trees with a trunk diameter of 6 inches or greater measured 4 1/2 feet from the ground are documented.
The Arborist Site Plan uses the Land Surveryor or Design Architect plans to start. Then the Arborist Site Plan is added to those plans via software. In the Arborist Site Plan, the trees are numbered (with a corresponding photo in the Arborist Report) showing each trunk diameter in inches and tree drip line. Trees may be labeled for removal, trim, or preservation. Tree Protection Zone fences are also indicated on site plan. Contra Costa County prohibits homeowners from cutting the roots of the tree, compacting the soil on top of the roots, or disrupting the roots within the tree drip line without consulting a Certified Arborist. Homeowners are also required to use an Arborist’s recommendation before trenching, adding concrete walls, digging holes, stockpiling materials, grading, adding fill, paving, etc within the drip lines. Click button for a direct link to INFORMATION FOR COMPLIANCE WITH TREE ORDINANCES CONTRA COSTA COUNTY
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