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• From email 8/18/15
Hi Tom,
I was out of town for the weekend, I’m sending the payment for your report today. The county still made me go trough a tree permit, but at least they accepted my building permit application. I truly appreciate your help, thank you so much and I hope we can do business in the near future again.
Antonio Orozco.

• I give Tom our highest recommendation. I wanted an arborist, not a tree trimmer, to trim a cedar tree and a maple tree in our front yard that had been poorly trimmed and neglected for years by the previous owners. The trees’ branches were tangled up in utility wires and hanging over a roof. Tom collaborated with us to prioritize safety, the health of the trees and the aesthetics. He allowed us to work as his crew and help with the cleanup, to keep costs down. He was knowledgeable about the trees and provided advice about their care. He was prompt and responsive to emails. He’s the guy to do your trees.
Lesley, Vallejo

• From email 6/28/15:
Hi Tom,
Thanks for your help again.
Combination of the pictures we took and the report you wrote convinced the county that we don’t even need a tree permit and I can cut those trees.This saves me time and money. Thanks again for your favor. If I need a good arborist again for my future projects, I will definitely call you again.
Regards, Amir

• From a text message received 3/16/15: “Trees are perfect! Nice job!

• “I contacted Tom on the recommendation of a good friend of mine who is also a certified arborist but does not live in the Bay Area. I needed to get a report about the condition of a live oak tree on my property, so that I could apply for a permit from the city of Orinda to have it removed. Tom gave me an estimate of the cost in advance of our appointment and then showed up on time for that appointment.
We discussed the tree in question and he examined it from multiple locations to ascertain its health and overall condition. He explained thoroughly what problems the tree exhibited, took multiple photos, and then promised he would send me a report within a few days. He actually emailed the report to me the very next day and put the written report in the mail right after that.
I found Tom to be knowledgeable and professional, would use his services again and definitely recommend him”.

• Dear Mr. Arrington,
“Thank you for your wonderful work. It was a pleasure doing business with you”.
Margarita Emmanuel
Rodeo, Ca

• “This Winter we had a tree fall into our office building parking lot from a storm, making not only a mess of things but covering a number of parking spots as well. I turned to Tom for his help. He assembled his team in short order, arrived on time, gave me a great price, work quickly and professionally, and in one day he turned a 50 foot pine into three cords of firewood! I could not give a stronger recommendation for any service than I do for Arrington Tree (now Bay Arborist).”
Warren Pino
President, Q & A Research, Inc.
Novato, CA

• “We feel fortunate to have found you. Your work and workers are excellent in every respect!!”
Rev. Paul Hauge
St.Peter’s Church
Rockridge, Oakland

• “Tom Arrington of Arrington Tree Service (now Bay Arborist) is professional, knowledgeable, and thorough. I contacted Tom about an elderly cypress, once a slender tapering plume that had become a mangy bush 20′ high, overhanging my roof and eaves. After a preliminary consultation, we decided to cut it down and replace it.
Within days Tom took down the tree, carefully placing the branches on the ground, avoiding the high wires nearby, and cleaning up afterwards. Most of the tree went into his chipper; I kept a few logs but had him haul most of them. Tom returned the next day to grind the stump. He analyzed the area because we had a sprinkler system close by that he had to avoid. The job went smoothly, and once again he removed the debris, leveled the area, and cleaned up.
Tom and I have discussed replacement trees, and I found him a knowledgeable arborist, ready with suggestions. I will be contacting him in late fall to put in a crepe myrtle, a little further from the house. I was very pleased with Tom’s work.”
Peggy Houston
Pleasant Hill CA
August 2010

• “Arrington Tree Service was the lowest of the 3 bids to remove a large pine tree behind my house. His crew was there for only 4 hours and the tree was completely gone. I couldn’t beleive how fast they worked and cleaned up.”
Adam Michaels

• “Tom came with several good recommendations. He listened to my suggestions and then volunteered his own solutions to trimming a large birch tree that was blocking our view. Tom suggested that the main concern was to maintain the health of the tree while still giving me the view my wife and I wanted. The end result was a beautifully shaped tree that we could see our view through. I will recommend him again.”
Royal A
El Sobrante,Ca

• “Over the past few years I have hired Arrington Tree Services on several occasions and I have always been quite pleased with this service. Arrington tree service (now Bay Arborist)has performed a variety of landscaping work on my home in Noe Valley, San Francisco, including the trimming of the tops of Cypress trees which were over 75 feet tall, and the pruning and shaping of bushes and hedges. The work has always been performed in a professional manner and the jobs have always been done on time and within the budget estimates. I would highly recommend this company to anyone seeking tree and brush care and maintenance.”
Joseph Morehead
Attorney at Law

• ” My son & I had Arrington Tree Service (now Bay Arborist) out to do a tree removal & shrub clean up at my sons home in Hercules, Ca. The 2 men were great workers from a to z on the entire job. I highly recommend them to all. They did a great job on clean up which we greatly appreciated. If we ever needed it again, we would hire Arrington. Thanks.”
Hank I

• “I hired Arrington Tree Service (now Bay Arborist) to trim a gigantic oak tree in my backyard. The owner did the trimming himself and I have to say, it was more than just trimming the tree — it was like an art form. He shaped the tree beautifully, so that it looked like a large bonsai tree. Arrington tree is the total package, quick work, well within our budget, and total clean up. Barely a leaf was left behind. I was also impressed with Mr. Arrington’s extensive knowledge of trees as well. He actually warned a neighbor that one of their large branches was in danger of breaking off and possibly damaging property. A year later that’s exactly what happened. Amazing foresight. I highly recommend Arrington Tree Service (now Bay Arborist)  — and would personally trust no one else with my trees.”
Deb M
El Cerrito


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