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tree-planting-1Clients always ask “what kind of tree should I plant”?  My first response is “look around your neighborhood and see what trees are doing well”.
The existing environment should be the first consideration. This includes:

  • the quality of the soil and the availability of water/irrigation.
  • light; intensity and duration
  • year round temperatures of cold versus heat tollerance
  • air movement
  • existing topography (slopes / existing vegetation)

Size considerations

First and foremost is the predicted lifespan of the selected species for planting and the predicted growing width and height. To often neglected is the trees below-ground structure which may interfere with existing walk/driveways or underground utilities. It is also important to consider how the environment may alter the size, growth rate, or maintenance requirements.

tree-roots-1Installation and Maintenance Considerations

  • regulations; how close to the street or property lines?
  • best time of year for transplanting
  • site preparation including irrigation, drainage, soil quality
  • pest management; protect from deer, dogs, vandalism
  • hazard potential; dropping fruit, leaf litter, dead branches, uprooting

Bay Arborist can implement a tree planting program custom designed for existing situations and site preparations are set forth under ISA tree planting guide-lines.  Tree supports can be set in place with a time schedule for tree health check-ups and support removals.

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